Good Guy Group Co., Ltd.
We , good guy group , were borned from a group of people who want to do business with honest ,frank, and generosity, by sourcing the products that are really good , by developing the products to suits the life style of today's people with ethics.

To Develop life quality of Thai and people around the world , by reducing the use of chemicals and synthetic products and bringing back the nature products but adding new way of technology to ensure the hygiene and image of the products to suit the new way of life today. Many countries in Europe and America having many studies about the harm of toxic and chemical substance, EWG (Environmental Working Group), UNEP (United Nations Environment Program). All these groups have been studying the impact of water , air pollution to human and animals or all kinds of life that link into ecology systems.

All having trend to bring back the nature touch as much as possible, but in the more safety way than in the past.