Spa means bring back to the nature touch, by feeling to body and mind. Use natural products to energize, relax etc. through our 5 senses

- Eyes the look of well decorated sites
- Ears through some soft music
- Tongue through the natural food
- Nose through smell the aroma
- Touch the therapist hand

Japanese has recognized the use of Soba pillow in their spa .It's called, ONZEN , onzen means the hot bath water, After you have relaxed with onzen, your body temperature will be cool down by sleeping on this soba pillow.

Almost tourists who ever visit Japanese spa may have experienced in hot bath and this pillow before. Many well-known spas, resorts, and hotels in Thailand , also provide buckwheat husk & herbs pillows for customers.


Sleeping on your back
Sleeping on your front.
Multi purpose use of sleeping
100 Hundreded year pillow size S or M iis recommended for in spa

For arolma massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage etc.

Add your own favourite aroma on your pillow.

All kinds of massage need customers to sleep on their back, side and front on one kind of pillow.

It is recommended by chiropractors that. we should not use a high pillow otherwise the muscles will be stretched too hard, that the customer may feel muscle pain, not without the use of pillow, one had to turn left and right, again the muscle had to be stretched for nearly 1-2 hours, how severe the neck muscles had to bear the weight of the head of 8 kgs. A lower pillow with a hollow for the face to put on, like the travel neck with U shape is the answer. Customer feels truly relaxing, when neck muscles were also relaxed.

Neck wrap is recommended,
Folding into half to make a pillow for back sleep
Folding into U shape make a real suits front sleep
Non folding to make a perfect support for back
2 Neck wrap make more perfect support for back sleep
100 % Organic

Free Formaldehyde

100 year pillow is made of 100 % buckwheat hull ,soba hulls without any chemical procedures It is used Japanese natural technique and mix with Thai hurbs to create aroma therapy.
The Formaldchyde pillow bag which is known as safety for baby is lower than 25 ppm (certified by SGS)
Which is known as safety even for baby

(Formaldehyde known by general people as formalene , chemical that must be used for every kinds of textiles products, without controlling this chemical, the textiles can be detected at rate of 100 ppm and more., according to the European and USA Standard they require below 25 ppm.) (This chemical is vapourizing at room temperature, for the first 7-8 year of using, causing allergy, ashma etc.